Group Life insurance facility is provided to all workforce started from first day of employment. In case of death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay Rs:500,000 to the legal heirs of the employee. In case of accidental death of any employee, the insurance company shall pay double of the above mentioned amount. Premium will be paid by the company.


It is the policy of VEER Sports that each employee is given gratuity equivalent to one month's salary (last drawn) for each completed service year at the end of his employment as labor law. In case of death of an employee gratuity is given to his/her legal heirs.


It is the policy of VEER Sports (Pvt.) Ltd to register each and every employee with the E.O.B.I (Employee's old age Benefit Institution) after the probation period of 3 months. EOBI Department pays the pension to the retired employees after completion of minimum period as per EOBI law. For this facility Company has to pay 5% of total salaries of the employees to the E.O.B.I Department on monthly basis.

Increment & Upgradation Policy

Annual increment shall be granted to the employees according to their date of joining each year after performance evaluation.

Only those employees shall be eligible for the annual increment in the salary who had performed well without any misconduct based on the recommendations of concerned department in-charge followed by the general Manager / CEO.

Those employees who had worked less than a period of 3 months would not be entertained with the annual increment.

Special increment & up-gradation shall be given only on enhancement in the employee's responsibilities.

Final approval of Special increment & up-gradation, application will go with the approval of Director / General Manager.

Stoppage in increment may be reviewed on his bad performance.


Medical Healthcare Facilities being provided under The Punjab Employees Social Security Institution (PESSI).

Annual increment

is granted to the employees each year after performance evaluation.

Special Increment

& up-gradation shall be given to the employees that enhance in their responsibilities.

Workers Profit Fund

Workers Participation Profit Fund is paid to employees after profit realization each year.

Interest Free Loans

are available for all employees, equivalent to the monthly wage.


facility is offered from defined routes to managerial staff and workers.