What We Promise

Being an industry leader isn’t just about delivering the best product. It’s about delivering on our promises. We’re committed to continuously improving our products and processes through ongoing attention to and support of our focus areas.

We recognize that performance through improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality is linked to innovation.

We believe that advancement and improvement are driven by the needs of our users and the marketplace and we will continuously strive to ensure our solutions bring value to our clients and their customers.

We encourage opportunities where learning and improvement enable talented people to realize their full potential to create an environment where a constant flow of great ideas and interactive processes drives our organization forward.


We aim to maintain our leading position in industry by satisfying our respectable customer's needs and expectation through providing highest quality possible.


We firmly believe that innovation is intrinsically valuable and by that we can find better ways to produce good quality products by optimizing our resources.


Achieving our goals without a strong R&D is not possible. Hence R&D has always constituted as large part of our company, especially, in theoretical and best practices competence.


We believe integrity enables us to establish & maintain long term relationships with each of our unique client partners as well as our employees.


VEER Sports is committed to continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System for the achievement of safe and conductive environment.


As an industry leader we are committed to create a better society and working to provide health, education & social services to our community.

Zero Claims &
20% Less Target Market Complains

Best Supplier Awards
By Adidas

Achievements & Awards

Best Export Award
Since 2011

Civil Award for Industrial Revolution
By Govt. Of Pakistan